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Parkview Grand Boulevard? or Fleck's Fiasco?

Dear Editor:

Mr. Donald Sexton, member of the Columbia City City Council, addressed Whitley County Patriots at its August meeting regarding what Roger Metzger refers to as Parkview Grand Boulevard. This is the strip of SR 205 (Van Buren Street) between Hwy 30 and the entrance to Morsches Park.

Sexton reported that all of the design and financing arrangements have been accomplished by Mayor Fleck without input from the City Council or the public. He also said that the price tag for this project is in the 4 million dollar range. Mayor Fleck intends to spring this project on the public at the Council meeting in January with minimal notice to the public.

Whitley County Patriots invite all of the public to drive this stretch of roadway and determine for themselves the necessity of spending $4M for Parkview Grand Boulevard. And remember, the $4M will come from your wallets and the wallets of taxpayers who may never drive on Parkview Gand Blvd. to attend a meeting at the Fleck Community Center which he also intends to build at taxpayer expense. So if you think Mayor Fleck should not spend $4M on a highway that does not need improvement, write him a letter or attend a city council meeting and tell him to cancel this project.

Maybe we should call it "Fleck's Fiasco."

Terry L. Smith
Columbia City


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