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Commissioners share update on county projects

Believe it or not, in about 40 days, one half of the year 2015 will have passed by.
It is time to give the residents of Whitley County an update on county business.  County roads are the number one concern ofours and county residents.  We take all road complaints seriously and our highway employees attempt todo their best to eliminate those complaints.  The highway department has some 20 miles of new construction to begin soon and end by October 15th.
We continue to work with Allen County Commissioners and their highway department on dates of County Line Road being closed due to a weakening of the bridge under structure.  We have posted a 9 ton load limit on the bridge.  Whitley County has 90 bridges to look after.  Because of the amount of traffic, this bridge is at the top of the replacement list.  Expenses will be share by both counties.
Another road project that we are aware of is the future state of highway US 30. Commissioner Schrumpf has been representing the County on this US 30 Bypass project.  The total project is still in the preliminary stages.
Past publications of county newspapers have mentioned that Commissioners and the Whitley County Health Department are creating a Whitley County Regional Sewer District.  We have discussed this possibility with professionals, however, we have not come to any decision on this matter.  State Statute IC B-26 and State IDEM are mandates-mandates-mandates!  We certainly will keep county residents informed as we look to the future.
We were able to purchase a power lift for our County File Management Department.  This lift will be a big help in storing 25-30 lb. boxes on high shelves.  Currently, a ladder is being used.  Contributions from the County Clerk’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office was a big help in the purchase of this lift. 
Now from the “Did you know file?”
1. Since state eliminated county inheritance tax, it has cost Whitley County $3,000,000.
2. On May 20, 2015, 3rd graders from Mary Raber School will visit the County Government Center and County Courthouse.
3. Inmate beds at Whitley County Jail remain at 104.
4. New x-ray machine will soon be installed at the County Courthouse for better security.
5. Our Community Corrections Department is considered to be one of the Top 3 in the state.
6. There were 582 drug-related arrests in our county last year.
On a brighter note, congratulations to all 2015 graduating seniors and eight graders on taking another step toward a successful and prosperous life.  Just remember, “Those who are crazy enough to think theycan change the world usually do.”
In closing, remember, although the school buses will be off the roads for summer vacation, farmers will be moving their big machinery down the roads.  Give them a break and they will appreciate it.

Tom Rethlake
Whitley County Commissioner


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