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Voter questions Rentschler's right to absolute power


In 1887, Lord Acton stated, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  It is interesting that 127 years later, this statement still holds true for the current Prosecutor of Whitley County.  After 12 years of Matt Rentschler as Prosecutor, it is time for Whitley County to ask if what he is doing is “right” for us or if his absolute power is corrupting.  Just because he grew up here does not make him a man of integrity.  Just because he raises his children here does not make him a truth seeker.  Just because he has held this office for 12 years does not make him the best candidate for the position.  Whitley County, if we continue to allow Mr. Rentschler to maintain this office, we will continue to receive the type of prosecutorial ineptness that he has become known for. 

Certainly there is a level of illegal activity in this community that cannot be denied.  However, there are also people in this community who have had their lives destroyed by Mr. Rentschler because he decided there was notoriety to be won for himself if he prosecuted a person for an alleged illegal act.  I want to ask each of you, before you cast your vote…are you willing to put your life in the hands of a man who “takes deals” from those he claims to be monsters?  Are you willing to put your life in the hands of a man who believes just because he was born and raised here that makes him a “pillar of our society?”  Are you willing to put your life in the hands of a man who will take an allegation made by a known drug user and have you arrested? 

Voters of Whitley County, if we continue to elect Mr. Rentschler to the office of Prosecutor, we will continue to have this type of action in our community.  We do have a choice this May:  Bruce Scott.  Mr. Scott is a man of integrity, not because he grew up in Whitley County, but because that is how he lives is life.  Mr. Scott is a truth seeker, not because he has raised his children here but because his trial record depicts such. Mr. Scott deserves the position of Prosecutor because HE is the best candidate.  It’s time Whitley County moves forward and we  break up the absolute power position Mr. Rentschler has assumed.  Vote May 6th.  Vote Right.  Vote Scott. 


Randy Plew


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