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Recent votes on Common Core, marriage concern reader

Dear Representative Heuer,
Representative Heuer – you’ve gone too far!   I was already wavering in my support for you given your votes to move ahead with the implementation of the Common Core curriculum into our schools.  
But, the final blow came when I read the Feb. 27th letter from Bill Willcutts detailing your voting record on the Marriage Amendment, HJR3, which would define marriage as solely between a man and a woman.   I was disappointed and saddened to see that you not only voted to remove a key sentence which would have watered down the effectiveness of the amendment, but you then voted against even the watered down version.   Your vote helped to deny Hoosiers the opportunity to cast their vote on this critical issue.  
You say that you are conservative, but sadly, your voting record is not showing that.   This time, you’ve gone too far.   You’ve lost my vote.

Stanley Crum
Columbia City


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