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An example of legislative foolishness or political brilliance?

Dear Editor,
I thought Kathy Heuer, my State Rep in district 83, was someone who would stand on principle.  I am very disappointed that Rep Heuer tried to deny Hoosiers the opportunity to vote on Indiana’s definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.  Rep Heuer first voted to remove a key sentence from the resolution, which watered down its effectiveness.  It leaves the door open for those who have same sex civil unions or legal partnerships to have equal legal status in the application of all Indiana state laws.  Meaning, We The People of Indiana are still forced to recognize and give credence to same sex marriage. 
The real atrocity is that Rep Heuer voted against the people making the decision.  Once approved by both houses, amendments to the Indiana Constitution must be voted on by citizens of Indiana in a general election.  Her vote against the final resolution denied the people the opportunity to decide.
The public must be made aware that after voting to change and render the amendment useless, she then voted against the final resolution that contained the changes she supported. 
This is an example of legislative foolishness or political brilliance.  Often the two are one in the same.  Coupled with our opposing stances on this issue, and denying the people the opportunity to decide, I see no justification for Kathy Heuer to continue to represent the people of district 83.

Bill Willcutts
Fort Wayne


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