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Many projects on the Commissioners' radar

The first two months of 2013 have been a busy time for the Commissioners.
The biggest challenge of the year has proven to be the issue of Healthcare.  We have attended numerous meetings with our Healthcare providers to prepare the County employees for the future, but it is difficult to prepare a countywide plan when the Federal Government has not filled in the blanks with their own mandate.
Our Jail system and Work Release have flirted with maximum numbers of inmates and clients for the last six months, showing no signs of lessening.  We are very fortunate in Whitley County that the previous Administrations were progressive enough that they provided us with the County Work Release.  This system is a model for other Counties and not only saved our County much needed dollars, but more importantly, helped to save our families.  The individuals that use the Work Release system are people who are not habitual offenders and have make a few bad decisions in their lives.  The Work Release gives them the ability to keep their jobs and, if they do not have jobs, are afforded the opportunity to have a job provided by Work Release in the community.  It is a great system run by a great group of professionals that we are very proud of.
Our Highway department has had another year of decreased snow amounts that are much easier on the budget.  Related to the Highway, the Commissioners have been working with the Allen County Commissioners regarding a project to upgrade the intersection at 900 S and Liberty Mills Road.
One of the most important roles that the Commissioners have is to work closely with the Re-Development and our local Economic Development Corporation to retain the jobs we have in the County and to provide new and exciting jobs for the future.
These are just a few of the projects the Commissioners are working on in the New Year.
Always feel free to contact the Commissioners with your concerns, and yes, even your kudos, as we value our opportunities to meet and talk with all of the residents of our great County.  We were elected to represent you and need input from you to do our job.

Whitley County Commissioners
George Schrumpf
Don Amber
Tom Rethlake


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