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December 17, 2012

Mayor thanks the many who've assisted with Blue River Trail expansion project

Well, the countdown begins toward the end of the Mayan Calendar. No one knows if the World is actually going to end. However, I do know is that if for some reason it doesn’t end, your City Government will be working hard making sure the snow gets plowed and the water still comes out of the faucet.
As the Blue River Trail and Bridge project continues to move ahead, it is important to recognize a few individuals who made this wonderful project possible. First, I want to thank Rex Schrader, John Whiteleather Jr., Craig Langhor, and Bob Smith for their very generous donation of the land for the trail. Without these individuals donation, the whole project would have gone up in smoke. Secondly, I’d like to thank the numerous financial donors like the Dekko Foundation, Whitley County Community Foundation and the DNR. Finally, the many people who give their time and talents to ensure this project move forward: Lori Shipman, Niblock, Mark Green, the Hamilton Hunter Bridge Company, Jeff Walker, Jim Fleck and the Park Board. Our north side residents will finally have an easy passage over US 30 without the danger of being struck by a vehicle.
Last weekend, I participated in the Dashing Through The Snow 5K. While it was a wet and rainy night, the enthusiasm from the crowd was great! Many people don’t realize that this event is actually a fundraiser for our Splash Pad. The money raised, a couple hundred dollars, defrays the cost of running and maintaining the free splash pad for our residents. A special thanks to the Parks Department and the sponsors of the race for their work.
A new stormwater project will begin within days! Wigent Excavating will be working on South Line Street, near Vine Street and Diamond Avenue. The project will disconnect stormwater catch basins from the sewer system and connect them to the stormwater system. This project, like many of our Stormwater projects, will help cut down the cost at our Water Pollution Control Facility. It will take the stormwater from this area out of the sewer system, allowing us to use fewer chemicals at the plant due to the decreased amount of storm/sewer water coming in to the plant. The project is expected to wrap up by the end of January. Please be aware of the workers while driving through this area.
This will be the last Mayor’s Memo before Christmas, so I wish all residents the Merriest of Christmases! May we be thankful for the many blessings that surround us!

Mayor Ryan Daniel
Columbia City

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December 03, 2012

Volunteer credits Community Corrections with providing valued manpower to get projects done

Dear Editor:
All the final touches of the Christmas decorations at the Thomas R. and Lois Marshall home which is home to the Whitley County Historical Society (WCHS) at 108 West Jefferson St., Columbia City , are in place and ready for the open house next Sunday, Dec. 9, 2 to 4 p.m.. The public is invited and there is no admission charge. Light refreshments will be served.
The home is decorated as nearly as possible as to the Victorian age and time period when the Marshalls lived in the home from 1895 to 1908. This is a terrific opportunity for the public to view the many Marshall items as well as tour the home.
This open house, however, would not be possible without the assistance of the Community Service workers of the Community Corrections Department of Whitley County. All total there were 15 individuals who came to the Marshall home under the direction of Thor Hodges. Each individual was assigned a task to complete with my direction. There were a variety of tasks and with each task the individuals had to listen and accept my direction. Each worked to the best of their ability. As individuals and as a group they were cooperative and initiated ways to complete the tasks given.
Of course, during the time of the service workers being at the site, Dani Tippman, the director of the WCHS, and I told many stories about the Marshalls, their possessions and the house. A couple of individuals really thought it was “cool” to be able to clean the stained glass in the entry way the graces the entry to the Marshall home. Dani made sure they were following correct procedures in cleaning the precious handwork of years long past. One individual thought it would be a good idea to bring his wife and child to the open house to see all of the history that is preserved by the WCHS. I think I can safely say that the whole group was in awe of the beautiful Thomas R. and Lois Marshall home. It truly is a treasure for this county to have.
I know for a fact that the Community Service Workers do much in this community not only for individuals, but for not-for-profit organizations. I, as well as others, are thankful for the work and dependability of this program which provides opportunities for individuals to return to a productive life in this county.
I am truly appreciative of the work of the Community Service Workers and its director, Thor Hodges. I hope that this Whitley County community comes to see and enjoy the work of these individuals at the open house.

Best regards,
Pamela Thompson
volunteer for the Whitley County Historical Society

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