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Family grateful to family, friends and local businesses for post-fire assistance

On April 24, I received a call that no one wants to ever receive.  It was my wife telling me that our house was on fire.  The 20 minute drive from work to home seemed like an eternity.  When I arrived the fire department was standing on my roof with a chain saw cutting holes in our roof to make sure the fire was completely out.  Imagine the horror to see a man standing on your roof cutting holes with a chainsaw!  Thankfully the fire only damaged one third of the house. 

After that everything was a blur, phone call after phone call, finally my insurance guy put me in contact with Paul Davis Restoration.  Andy from Paul Davis showed up the day after the fire and from that point forward we felt hopeful.  Paul Davis Restoration has been AMAZING!  They took care of every tiny detail, including a detailed cleaning of our house from floor to ceiling.  We had no idea how much needed to be done.  The crew from Paul Davis was extremely nice, friendly, and courteous especially with the kids.  They worked around our schedules, and made extra effort to get the kids back in the house quickly.  Without Paul Davis Restoration we would have been lost. 

It has been just over five months.  The painters where here last night for the final paint touch-up.  Our house looks amazing!  We just have a few more boxes to move back in and we will be back to life as usual.  I wanted to write to let you know that if you ever need help . . . call Paul Davis!  They were a blessing from God during a tough time in our life. 

Also a quick shout out to State Farm Insurance who never questioned a thing.  Sunny who did an amazing job rebuilding our house.  Muffin who cleaned our house and touched our hearts.  Our friends at Aboite Baptist Church who helped with whatever we asked.  And finally, all our friends and family who helped out bringing meals and watching the kids for weeks on end.  God bless you and thank you for your help!

Brandon Bower
Columbia City, IN


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