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Concerns remain over impending closure of Stepping Stones on Friday

In this summer of record heat and a tough, trying economy it’s heart warming to see the flood of support and compassion during the fiasco surrounding the closure of Stepping Stones Daycare ministry at The First Church of God.

Unfortunately, an extension was not granted by the church elders who make the decisions for the congregation so Stepping Stones has fewer than 5 business days to secure a location, set up their program and continue to provide safe, reliable and educational care for our families.

One church representative stated they received a final report on the matter back in April, but the announcement became public on June 29th.  Had the daycare been involved in these initial meetings a different solution could have developed rather than forcing parents and staff to struggle to find care for more than 180 children in a 4 week time period.

Hopefully, when Monday July 30th rolls around these young children (many of whom have created bonds and friendships in these classrooms since they were newborns) will be able to continue their normal daily activities and established routines without the trauma of not knowing where their friends and teachers are.

Let’s hope that subsequent church meetings will be cooperative with regard to the retention of items the daycare received grants for, items donated by the families and the transportation resources they desperately need.

I have witnessed factories loaded on semi-trailers and driven out of small towns just like Columbia City during my career in the construction industry.   The businesses gave up on the communities and their workforce leaving the adults to scramble to find new ways to provide for their families.  But, I hadn’t witnessed a church give up on more than 180 young children requiring parents and loving staff members to work around the clock to secure safe and trustworthy care for those children until now.

Thankfully Whitley County does have wonderful people, organizations and businesses that are going above and beyond expectations to ensure that these children and their caregivers will rise above this and continue to grow stronger.

I’m sure they would appreciate our prayers and any help we can provide during this transition.

Dan Krill


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