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Windmills would ruin our harmony

A drive across Whitley County reveals quaint farms and idyllic little towns whispering serene harmony.   But, lately, our peaceful roadsides are dotted with signs either defending or opposing a proposed wind farm to be constructed in the southern part of the county;  60% of the turbines to be located in Cleveland Township, 30% in Washington and 10% in Jefferson townships.
Wind farms are not new to the United States so much information exists about the pros and cons of wind energy.  But, one thing is certain; once the wind turbines are constructed, they are there to stay for a very long time.  Therefore, it is wise for every tax-paying Whitley County resident to seek information about this proposed wind farm, especially the long-term financial obligations we will all face.
Therefore, please plan to attend the Whitley County Planning Commission meeting and public hearing on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 6 p.m. at the 4-H Center in Columbia City.  Whitley County residents will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns about the wind farm. 

Debra Zawlocki


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