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More to consider with Wind Energy


We do not understand why the following was not in the article in the Columbia City paper February 1st in regards to wind energy.
        The $2 million Economic Development Package
        $1 million to Whitko
        12 to 16 miles of roads @ $40,000 a mile
        Assessed valuation $400 million would drop property tax 5 to 14%
        County employees wages would go up
        Benefits churches, 4-H and on and on…
The newspaper article had an error $1.6 million to Walt Trier which is incorrect, it is $1.6 million to the 600+ plus participants.
A 50 year contract – what are we going to leave the next generation? No rights, higher taxes and no future.
With the wind energy the positives it will bring to the County far outweigh the negatives.  It is a no brainer!
If all the other Counties are OK with 1000 feet setback why isn’t Whitley County?
Concerned about the future of Whitley County
Becky Curless & Jamie Percy    


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