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$300 Million Decision


Soon the Whitley County Plan Commission will propose a Wind Ordinance to the County Commissioners.  There are indications that it will require a 1500 foot setback from non-participating property lines.  If that recommendation is approved and the ordinance is approved by the Commissioners, no wind power project will build in Whitley County.  In fact, the Wind Capital group will drop the project.
How can the citizens of Whitley County find this acceptable?  A typical 150MW wind project requires a $300,000,000 investment, will pay landowners $1,600,000 annually, will pay about $1,100,000 in property taxes annually, reduce taxes for the participating townships, increase funding of $1,500,000 to Whitko and Whitley County Schools, and provide discretionary funds to the County Council, Commissioners and the Economic Development Corporation.
Our economy is in shambles, and we are turning a deaf ear to a project that works and has great benefits for Whitley County citizens.  Many areas would give their eye teeth to be considered for a project of this scope.  Why are a vocal minority so obstinate and selfish?  They insinuate many problems with dubious research studies.  If you really want to know what a wind farm is like, don’t listen to the minority.  Go to a wind farm and listen to those who have real experience.  Real world experience is much better than the opinions generated by the fear mongers. I predict you will find the positives far outweigh the negatives, by a large margin.
Let’s get on with progress.  We won’t have this kind of opportunity ever again.  Voice your support for wind power by contacting the members of the Whitley County Plan Commission and/or the Whitley County Commissioners.  Do it now before the February 15 meeting.

A native of Whitley County, landowner, and retired Economic Development Director,
Galen Eberhart


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