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We should 'do what we're told' and obey the signs

In response to parking and tickets at the Highland Games.  As a vendor with the farmers market, there were plenty of empty spaces in the parking lot the entire day. 
Let's take a look at this "doing what I was told" from another set of eyes.  What if two other drivers, coming from opposite directions decided to travel faster than the posted speed limit and arrived at the same location where a car was parked along the street.  The car traveling in the same direction as the parked car moves slightly to the left to avoid locking rear view mirrors, and thinking they are going fast enough to get around the parked car before the on coming car has time to pass the parked car's location.  As the second car realizes all three cars are at the same location at the same time, this second driver must move slightly to the right to avoid possible paint transfer only to realize that at the rate of speed, the slight move and forward motion is now changed to rolling down the incline to meet up with the farmers market vendors set up at the bottom of the drop.  As city residents and visitors we should do more "doing as I was told" by following the posted signs.  In my opinion it is not the issue of money.  The issue is getting caught.
How many people saw the cars parked there and did not ask the organizers to make an announcement? 
How many "why didn't they do their job" would be written and talked about, after a driver that parked in the grass, along the side of street was struck by another car, while crossing the street.  If this person recovers from the (hypothetical) accident, my hope is that this person will remember how enjoyable the Highland Games and farmers market was before that last trip crossing the street to the parked car in the grass along the street with the posted sign for no parking at any time.  Although next year the issue might not involve Park Street at all but a street that has an open area like the 4-H fair grounds that will allow outside food vendors and the usual Highland Games beer tent.
Kathy Klenke

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