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Seriously...are we that short on funds?

Seriously, is Columbia City so short on funds that we have to give out parking tickets to the spectators of the Highland Games? 
For weeks now we’ve all seen the “Don’t Leave Town” shirts, signs and articles everywhere.  We’ve been promoting our city to attract out of town guests and to keep the locals here in town celebrating all the activities that were planned for June 25th.    How does this action help that publicity?  I realize the cars were parked along Park Street, where there are “No Parking Anytime” signs.  Wouldn’t the better approach have been to make an announcement and then give the people some time to move their vehicles?  They were parked off on the grassy shoulder of the road, not obstructing traffic anywhere that I saw at all.  The Highland games were very entertaining to watch.  They even had an area where the children could mimic the real games and show their skills, which my grandchildren loved by the way.  The Farmers Market also stayed all day.  This was great because lots of people got a glimpse of what Saturday mornings on the square is all about all spring, summer and fall.  Why give tickets and sour visitors from wanting to come back to our town?  There most definitely could have been a better way to handle this situation.

Julie Copeland


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