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Can't the folks in power make Columbia City a place to run to...not run from?

My husband and I attended the recent Scottish Highland Games at the Whitley County 4-H Park. We arrived and parked along the roadway, and were immediately warned by another visitor that the Columbia City Police were giving tickets for illegally parking off the roadway. My husband drove on and found another place to park. 
However, my question is this, how many out-of-town folks, as well as locals, went away with a bad taste in their mouths because they got a traffic ticket.  Yes, there signs that say "no parking", but these vehicles were not impeding traffic in any way; all were parked completely off the road, in tall grass. This is the first year the Scottish Games were in Columbia City and I certainly hope it won't be the last, because of the parking tickets. (By the way, there were NO homes along this stretch of road)
My husband asked the officer why he was doing the ticketing; his reply, "I'm just doing what I was told to do".  People from Valparaiso, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, as well as Columbia City, saw and heard this statement by the officer. Makes me wonder if Columbia City really does want to grow and prosper, or merely make people, and their pocketbooks feel bad because the games were not held in a city park.  My answer I shall not say, but I do believe that 4-H Park is the perfect spot for the games.  It is a natural amphitheater, large flat area for the games, gentle hillside for the vendors and visitors. Jennifer Romano and Mike Huth worked very hard in organizing these games, and they were enjoyed by hundreds of people.  Can't the folks who hold power in Columbia City make it a place to run to...not run from?

Pat & Bill Heinbaugh


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