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Resident says he sees mismanagement 'on a grand scale'

Dear Editor:

Mayor Fleck has asked his department heads to develop a plan to save on gas consumption because of the high price now being charged at the pump.
Mayor Fleck: stop the take-home policy for all of your departments!  Sell 12 of your police cars.  Sell your ambulance.  Sell your city-owned car.  Stop city cars and trucks from leaving Whitley County and being used for second jobs.
And for goodness sakes stop personal use of a city vehicle by an employee on sick leave from driving his city car to his non-city full time job for a year and a half.  That is just mismanagement by the department head and the mayor on a grand scale.
Not only would the city save on gasoline, but it would also save on insurance and maintenance.
What say the candidates?

Terry L. Smith


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