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Out-of-town companies taking advantage of Whitley County residents, fail to offer fair price for valuables

I’m writing this letter in regards to out of town companies coming into our great community and taking advantage of the good people of Whitley County. These companies come into town, run large ads in the paper to entice people to bring in there keepsakes and turn them into cash. This would be good and well if they paid a fair price for the items.
My name is Gary Grepke and I own a  small local business and the last time they came to our community, I sent down a small bag of gold jewelry and they offered us 12% of what it was worth. We then sent down some coins and even though the out come was better, my local store still paid 27% more. I not trying to toot my own horn, I just want everyone to be careful when selling things and getting a fair price. I have no problem with people getting a second opinion as on occasion someone else may be trying to fill another customers request and will pay a little more to do so.
It’s always good to do business locally as that person will be there tomorrow and not in another state. This is also a good way for thieves to sell gold jewelry and the next day it is out of town. This type of activity has been banned in three states already and hopefully more states will follow. It also gives the person trying to run a legit business paying fair prices a bad name.

Gary Grepke
Dollars & Cents Coins
207 W Van Buren Street


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