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A call to action regarding dangerous intersections along US 30

Those of us that drive the stretch of US 30 between Warsaw and Fort Wayne, IN are acutely aware of the dangers at the intersections. Sadly, we see many crosses dotting the sides of the roads, reminding us of the inherent risk of entering the intersection. These crosses should further remind us that we should respond with a call to action.

Many of the accidents on US 30 intersections involve tractor-trailers, and many people witness tractor-trailers driving through red lights. The constant visual of the problem makes it easy to over-simplify the issue and blame a singular group. While no one is a perfect driver, and enforcement of existing codes and laws is an important part of reducing the number of collisions, the issue is more complex. This issue needs approached from a root cause analysis, not just reactionary feedback.

We need to work WITH professional truck drivers and ask them how we can make their jobs safer. These professionals are very concerned about safety and are anxious to work towards solutions.

Professional truck drivers contend that the duration of the yellow lights is too short and the intersecting green lights should be on delays.

This matter should be taken up with the Department of Transportation, the entity that regulates the safety features of our highways. Currently, the duration of the lights is based on a formula that includes variables such as distance between consecutive stop lights. The formula should include and give heavy consideration to the extradorinary weight of a tractor-trailer and the corresponding stopping distance required.

Send emails to indot@indot.in.gov to bring attention to the issue, and to request further study of the timing of the lights. Senator Jim Banks recently requested the DOT to study the 30/205 intersection, and his action resulted in upcoming rumble strip application. Contact Senator Banks to encourage him to continue pushing this issue. http://www.jimbanks.us/contact

Meghan Lawrence

Allied SPD Fleet Supervisor


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