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Resident voices concern over Whitko convocation

Whitko High School brings in a Hypnotist to promote an anti-bullying message.  REALLY?  This is what my tax payer dollars are being spent on?  This is just wrong on so many levels!  First, what does a hypnotist have to do with anti-bullying?  Second, anyone else have a problem with hypnotism?  I do!  Hypnotism has its origins in the occult . . . something I personally keep my distance from.  We live in a very strong Faith Based community and we need to stand up and let our voices be heard . . . we will not stand for our youth being exposed to this garbage!  Third, can’t our tax money be used for something better?  I personally would like to see whoever is responsible for this stand up and explain their poor judgment on this matter.  This is just wrong!

Brandon Bower
Whitley County


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