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Republicans are falling short of their promises, assaulting Indiana's teachers

Written February 22, 2011

Elections are important, and elections have consequences.
It used to be said that politics is local. During the 2010 election, the reverse was true. Politics were national. Disagreements with federal issues in 2010 have created an out of control, unbalanced government in the State of Indiana in 2011. The people of Indiana are in trouble in the name of the Republican political agenda.
The message of the Democratic State Representative candidates during the 2010 election cycle was to focus on the economy and jobs in the State of Indiana. Many Democratic State Representative candidates lost elections in a national Republican tide in the name of fiscal responsibility and limited government.
The Republicans in the Indiana House of Representatives are falling very short of their promises. Instead of focusing on fiscal responsibility, limited government, jobs, or the economy, they are spending their time and our taxpayer dollars on counterproductive issues. The Republican State Representatives and Republican State Senators are assaulting the teachers of Indiana. They are assaulting the workers of Indiana. They are focusing on issues that impact Republican fundraising and Republican voter turnout. In other words, the Republican led legislatures are currently looking out for themselves, while the working people of Indiana suffer with high unemployment and a struggling economy.
If the House Republicans were serious about limited government and cutting costs, they would have gone to Indianapolis and debated the merits of the various aspects of the budget and considered only additional legislation that would positively impact the economy or jobs numbers. Pay attention voters, the Republican State Representatives are not doing what you sent them to Indianapolis to do.
In the meantime, the Democrats in the Indiana House of Representatives are going to fight on your behalf. The Democratic Party does not have a majority of the votes to stop the bills that assault teachers, assault workers, and waste our time and money. We do have enough votes to prevent quorum on these issues, and so today, the Democratic members of the Indiana House of Representatives walked out of the chamber to prevent votes on these bills from going forward.
Attention - teachers, working class people, concerned taxpayers, and people that want limited government, now it is your turn.
Call your Republican State Representative today at 1-800-382-9841, or email them through the Indiana House website at www.in.gov/legislative/. Tell them to do the people’s business, and stop wasting time and money. If you can, go to the Indiana Statehouse in person this week to protest the bills that hurt the working class and taxpayers.
The Democratic Party is continually committed to working hard for the working class. We need your help to get the peoples’ business done in 2011. Remember us down the election ballot in 2012. We are here to work for you.

Carmen Darland
Noble County Democratic Party Chair
Third District Democratic Party Chair


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