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Concerns over conflict of interest

There is a wind farm coming to Whitley County and most of us have no idea!  Wind Capital Group has signed leases for thousands of acres in Whitley County and money has exchanged hands, even with the President of the Plan Commission(PC), Dave Schilling.  Despite this, Dave Sewell our Execcutive Director Planning and Building, says no project is in the works.
Really?  The President of the PC has a signed contract with WCG and presides over the board writing an ordinance for a wind farm?  This is a COMPLETE conflict of interest.  The ordinance made by the PC will determine how many turbines Mr. Schilling can have on his property, thus determining how much money he will make; up to $7,500 per turbine per year for 20 years.  Mr. Schilling, I ask you to remove yourself from ALL DISCUSSION on this subject.
First phase includes 166 - 400 ft tall turbines.  I found information for 6 WCG projects with an average population density of 18.67 people/square mile.  The population density for Whitley County is 92 people/square mile.  This alone speaks volumes to me.  I'm not against green energy in any way, we are just too populated for a project of this size. Please investigate decreases in property values and health issues experienced by people living around wind farms.
For more information or to sign a petition asking for a moratorium and an independent study, please email me at [email protected]  The next PC meeting is November 17 at 7pm.  Thank you.

Macy Wolfe
Columbia City


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