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The old ways aren't working

As we honor the contributions that generations of working men and women have made to our nation this Labor Day, let us not just mark past gains but commit to a better future. On this day, we should renew our commitment to rebuilding our economy and putting all Hoosiers back to work.

In Indiana, we face profound challenges. More than ten percent of the Hoosier workforce is without a job, big banks are freezing credit that small businesses need in order to grow and put people to work, and our state government continues to slash school funding while somehow finding room in the budget to trade millions in corporate tax giveaways for jobs that never materialize.

The old ways aren't working.

But, like generations before us, Hoosiers will figure it out. We will not be thrown off by extremist rhetoric that provides cover for the status quo. We will roll up our sleeves in the best problem-solving tradition of our state and identify real, specific ways to improve our situation. We won't be distracted, divided or denied.

We are going to get the job done.

In just 57 days, Hoosiers will begin that process by going to the polls and electing the leaders who offer serious and innovative ideas to create jobs. As we head into the home stretch, I ask you to join with me in re-focusing our energies and attention on what really matters - putting people back to work.

If we join together, work together and stick together over these next eight weeks, we will have honored the work of those who came before us by advancing their steady and disciplined commitment to the future.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day.

Pete Buttigieg
Candidate for Indiana State Treasurer


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