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Understanding the work of the Recorder's Office

Through my campaigning I have been asked so many times,” What does the Recorder do?” 
Well, here is a short description. The Recorder scans and records all mortgages, liens, deeds and other legal documents.  Also, recording military discharge papers is a service the office provides.  Most items are recorded for a small fee as long as they meet the state statues for recording.
The thing about the Recorders office that a lot of people do not understand is we can not change or alter what is in the document,  that is not under our control, they are written by others and we are there to just make sure they meet the State statutes and are signed in the proper places then record them.
If elected to this office, I would like to move it into a more service friendly office for the public to use, including real estate companies and title companies. In doing this I have talked to several of these companies and they all agree it would be very service friendly to add to our website all housing covenants for the surrounding Whitley county subdivisions
What I would like to bring to the office is experience, honesty and growth.  I also would like to further educate people on the property fraud issues, and the new E-Recording that is also being brought to the Recorders offices in the future.
Having worked and managed an office for several years, I feel I am well qualified for the task at hand.  I also am secretary to the Columbia Township Advisory Board where I have knowledge of working with the budgets and funds that will have to be done for the Recorders office.
I have been asked many a time if I am seeking this position to just have a job that is secure.  My answer to that is definitely not,  I have been with this party since the age of 18 and never missed a voting opportunity.  This has been in the long time making for me, a lot of studying of the position and a true passion for building up this office to really help the public is what I am about.

Cheryl McDevitt
Republican candidate
for Whitley County Recorder


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