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Everyday Hoosiers will select Bayh replacement

Who are the 32 Democrats statewide who will vote to replace Evan Bayh on the November ballot?  Well, me for one.  
I am a mom, a wife, a fellow resident of Noble County, and a full time worker in the private sector.  I am also a member of the Indiana Democratic Central Committee, which is what qualifies me as a vote.
The Democratic Party structure starts with the voters.  Voters elect precinct committee members on the ballot.  Precinct committee members elect county chairs.  County chairs elect district chairs.  District Chairs elect the state party chair.
The district chairs and their vice chairs are the core of the state committee.  Indiana has nine congressional districts, so 18 of the 32 votes are represented in this model.  I am the Third Congressional District chair.
Other voting members of the State Committee are the state party chair, state party vice-chair, state secretary, state treasurer, constituency groups, DNC (Democratic National Committee) members and deputy chairs.  All voting members of the Indiana State Central Committee are listed at www.indems.org under the “Contact” tab.
With the resignation of Senator Bayh coming so late in the election calendar, we have been working to clarify the replacement process as quickly as possible for the public.  The State Committee is committed to a transparent process that demonstrates our commitment to democracy and to the citizens of Indiana.
The state committee vote will not happen until after the May primary.  A number of candidates have declared interest in the position.  
As a representative for the Democratic Party, I will listen to input from our constituents and weigh the input prior to making a decision.  There are people just like me all over the Great State of Indiana who are doing the same thing for their home districts.   
We are everyday citizens, who happen to have a big decision to make.  

Carmen Darland
Third District Democratic Party Chair


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