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Tax Abatements: It's About Time

After reading the article posted from the "Talk of the Town" on tax abatement, All I can say is "IT'S ABOUT TIME." 


“We just need to look at these and we haven’t in the past,” said councilman Jim Bayman.  Pretty much sums it up in a nut shell (from our June article).  Our tax dollars given away with out being looked at???  This makes me wonder what else has been given away with out being looked into!  It's no wonder companies come to Whitley County looking for the almighty tax dollar and then BAIL OUT as soon as they can or are questioned.  Who is looking into the commitments to see if they are upheld and accountable.  I know as a taxpayer I'm not given that ability.  And I'm giving back to my community!


Jim Banks, thank you also for the suggestion of getting younger member's of the community involved.  Granted, experience comes with age and wisdom but how do you manage a community with out change.  We need a broader base of tax payers to be involved not just those collecting (social security) payments. 



Sandye Parks


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