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Good news for Gus!

A big thank you to Jennifer and Talk of the Town.  You are awesome (and no, she didn’t pay me to say that!)  Within 24 hours of posting the story about Gus on her site, the great dog now has a new home with Katie at Camp Whitley.   Thanks so much to Katie for giving Gus a loving home.   I would also like to sincerely thank New Hope Pet Rescue for offering to put Gus in all of their adoption materials and cover his vet costs if they helped find him a home.    Since Katie adopted Gus we didn’t have to go through New Hope, but the fact that this group of wonderful ladies selflessly give of themselves to find cats and dogs a home is a blessing.  I adopted a cat through them several years ago and they do a fantastic job.  They do so through donations and grants, with no tax or government funding.  I encourage anyone who wants to support an animal rescue organization to check out New Hope Pet Rescue through petfinder.com

Thanks again, Jen and Katie!


Kelley Sheiss



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