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CC Deli: Giving Back, Working Hard for Our Community

I went to CC Deli’s today to pick up the local newspapers and ask them to make a cookie donation for a Putt Putt Family Golf Outing that Big Brothers Big Sisters is having in June at Paige’s Crossing.

I was initially drawn to how willing they are to post fliers in their windows, allow brochures about community activities to be displayed and to allow the sale of specialty products for local small businesses.

After getting through the entry way I was drawn to the display of fresh pastries on display. I inquired about a particular one and was pleasantly surprised to be told it only cost $0.99. I let Steve know that I would have been willing to pay $2.50 because that is what larger coffee or specialty shops are charging. It was a pleasant surprise to find reasonably priced pastries that tasted great!

I would also like to thank CC Deli for their willingness to donate cookies and to post a flier about our event. The dedication of CC Deli to the community through great food is apparent. Please frequent this deli, they are giving back to the community and working hard to make wonderful food.

Elizabeth Brady

Community Development Coordinator

Big Brothers Big Sisters


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