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In response to 'Diminishing Fervor'

Dear Susie,

First of all I would like to comment on the disconnect between your logic and reality.  You claim that Christianity has lost momentum because of restrictive beliefs, shallow dogma, and "false superiority."  If this is the case, how do you account for the fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.  Because it is, in regards to rules of practice, the most restrictive of all major religions shouldn't it be shrinking the fastest?

Also, when many of the most vibrant Christian communities are the one's that do not water down the Gospel. 

In regards to your last paragraph, what would be your basis or guide for such conversations?  Unless we seek for the face of Christ, guided by the Scripture and the history of belief in Him, we make gods of ourselves.  Christ didn't question authority, He was the authority, precisely because of the fact that He was the Son of God.
He also did not preach against teaching authority, "The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses' seat; so practice and observe whatever they tell you, but not what they do; for they preach, but do not practice." (Mt 23:2-3)

Also, I would be interested in knowing how some of the greatest scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers in history found the doctrines of Christianity worthy of deep discernment if they are indeed, "very sad and too wasteful of the energy necessary for sincere thought and analysis."

Among these people were Francis Bacon (developer of the scientific method), Rene Descartes (the father of modern philosophy), Gregor Mendel (the father of genetics), Thomas Aquinas (believed by many to be history's greatest philosopher)and men who pioneered many different branches of high level mathematics.  You may want to look into what these men thought about the dogmas which you beleive, "suffers from shallowness and a sense of false superiority."

You raise many questions about the current state of Christianity, and questions need to be raised.  These did not walk lock step when it came to religion, nor do Christian thinkers do so today.  There is so much depth to the faith if you just look for it.  Whether you are interested in Biblical exegesis or Bioethics, the discussions are taking place.  If you are finding shallowness in the faith, perhaps it is a good time to follow Christ’s call to, "put out into the deep." (Lk 5:3)

Jacob Alles

Columbia City


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