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YMCA Strong Kids Campaign needs your support

“…with the economy the way it is.” 

I have been hearing this phrase within so many conversations in the past few months.  It seems to be the reason for why this or that is happening or not happening.  As private citizens, there are just some things out of our immediate control at this time.  We have put our faith in a new president-elect and his selected team, and we hope and pray the economy will improve, sooner rather than later. JoEllen Rush, YMCA Board of Directors

When so much of what is going on around us is out of our control, there’s one thing we can control.  We can choose to stay physically fit through exercise.  This is totally up to us—under our control!  It is a great choice, not just because our bodies are healthier, but because of the benefits of exercise as a stress releaser.  Who isn’t stressed these days?

The YMCA will begin their annual Strong Kids Fundraising Campaign in February (formerly Partner with Youth).  Hopefully by now, Whitley County residents are aware that its YMCA does not turn away people who seek membership, but need financial help.  Working with individuals and families to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle is what we are about.  Through fund-raising last year, we raised over $29,000 to assist community members participate in our programming.  We have a concern for adults, but an even greater concern for kids—we want them strong and healthy.  This year we have provided assistance amounting to $40,000 to about 500 individuals and families.  Our $29,000 definitely had to be supplemented by other YMCA sources, however, to meet these needs.

Every year we conduct our campaign, and though it requires much time and hard work, this community has responded generously.  We have been able to help boys and girls with needed finances to take part in soccer, flag football and basketball, swim team, summer camps, etc.  The fellowship and friendships formed around these activities are an extra added bonus. One of the greatest and most needed programs we offer is our after school childcare, and assistance with expenses is often needed.   What a great way to invest our donors’ dollars!

If you receive a call about supporting the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, please give as you are able to this most wonderful cause and help us reach our goal of $29,000. We just cannot say “no” to anyone interested in and in need of a healthy lifestyle, and we won’t with your help!

Thank you Whitley County for your past support of Strong Kids!


JoEllen Rush

YMCA Strong Kids Campaign Chair


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