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Another Modest Proposal

Believe it or not, some do-gooders wish to outlaw cigarettes but hold forth that since our newly-elected president smokes, such a prohibition will never occur.   

Let's prioritize other possible illegalities first.  Outlaw booze--again, adultery, giving birth to too many children, control-freakism, obsession with money, mental cruelty, school-yard bullying, big-brother complexes, slaughter of meat-producing animals, steroids in cattle feed, insecticides sprayed on crops, texting while driving, driving itself due to toxic emissions from mufflers, neurologically-damaging cell phones in general, allergy-producing bouquets of roses, and public toilet seats.

Better yet, why not outlaw privacy-invasiveness, condescension, hypocrisy, elitism, arrogance, and, of course, bigotry?

Susie Duncan Sexton

Columbia City


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I think that smoking in public buildings should not be allowed. I also think this will be decided state by state. Michigan will eventually smarten up and not allow smoking in public buildings such as restaurants. California did it and think it is great to be able to go out to an establishment and not have to worry about going home smelling like a stale pack of cigarettes. This coming from an ex smoker that would like to light up but knows if he does he would go back to a pack a day... and I cannot afford that...in more ways than one.

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