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Salvation Army of Whitley County thanks community

Dear Friends of Whitley County,

I've tried to carefully plan out everything I wanted to say. I could never find enough words to express the gratitude I have for all you've done to help me. Your generosity of donations Hygiene items, canned goods, diapers, shirts, knit items (lovingly made from scratch by Seniors from the Senior Center) and school items has made so many peoples and children's lives easier during this tough economic times. Many times during the holiday season I found myself in tears because the spirit of giving within this community was so strong.
A year ago many people didn't even realize that there was a Salvation Army in Whitley County. Today I go places and people say hi and know my name. They ask how things are at Salvation Army. They ask what can they do to help. In November, my brother passed away. Tammy Azar and Linda Scott jumped in and helped me keep the office going during this most difficult time. I was very much aware that people were needing Christmas help at that same time and I did not want to let them down...thank God for friends. Thank you to Lassus Handy Dandy and REMC for contacting me that you wanted to help raise items for the non-food pantry. God Bless the students at Mary Raber School who wanted to raise 100 non-food items to celebrate the 100th day of school...they ended up giving 268 items!! I was once again overwhelmed with emotion when big boxes filled to the top with items for me to help many in Whitley County. Thank you to Erica Miller for letting me place collection boxes at the "Y". Thank you to Kiwanis and Rotary for bell ringing and donations of time and money to help once again to provide items for my clients. Thank you to everyone who walked into the office to hand me a check to do the most good. To those who sent donations in the mail. To all locations who let me place table kettles out during the holidays. You'll never know how many prayers of gratitude I extended to each of you.
I pray all of you are blessed from your simple act of giving. I didn't know what to expect when an economy is failing and my list of clients needing help kept growing. God answered prayers. God placed me in a community rich with love and support. I would also like to thank the members of the First Presbyterian Church not only for the beauty of this amazing church but for giving me a place to help people. Through these doors God's work is done! Thank you to "Sissy Bell" the puppy who spent a total of 5 hours volunteering with her owner to ring bells to help provide holiday assistance. Thank you to Becky Hand and Jennifer Romano for so many wonderful stories. For showing this community through pictures and words all I try to do to help others. Thank you to the incredible ladies in the Whitley County Salvation Army Ladies Auxiliary. We have become great friends all wanting to do the best possible for Whitley County. I hope I've not missed anyone...if I did it was not intentional. As I mentioned in the beginning there is not enough words. Mostly I am simply grateful to all those who stop by to just check in on me and make my days brighter.
Thank you and God Bless,
Pat Mossburg
Whitley County Salvation Army


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