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January 28, 2009

Grateful resident says thanks

Thank you so much to Officer Shad Hunter of the Columbia City Police Department for helping me recover my lost MP3 player. He was responsive, kind, and extremely helpful. I greatly appreciate his diligence and willingness to help.

Also, thank you to the Lesley’s (owners of Eternal Image Tattoo) who also were of great assistance. I will not forget their integrity and eagerness to help.

I know that this was not the most pressing of issues for any of these people, but it was important to me. I am so happy to live in a community with such great people!

Meghan Lawrence

Columbia City

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January 22, 2009

Salvation Army of Whitley County thanks community

Dear Friends of Whitley County,

I've tried to carefully plan out everything I wanted to say. I could never find enough words to express the gratitude I have for all you've done to help me. Your generosity of donations Hygiene items, canned goods, diapers, shirts, knit items (lovingly made from scratch by Seniors from the Senior Center) and school items has made so many peoples and children's lives easier during this tough economic times. Many times during the holiday season I found myself in tears because the spirit of giving within this community was so strong.
A year ago many people didn't even realize that there was a Salvation Army in Whitley County. Today I go places and people say hi and know my name. They ask how things are at Salvation Army. They ask what can they do to help. In November, my brother passed away. Tammy Azar and Linda Scott jumped in and helped me keep the office going during this most difficult time. I was very much aware that people were needing Christmas help at that same time and I did not want to let them down...thank God for friends. Thank you to Lassus Handy Dandy and REMC for contacting me that you wanted to help raise items for the non-food pantry. God Bless the students at Mary Raber School who wanted to raise 100 non-food items to celebrate the 100th day of school...they ended up giving 268 items!! I was once again overwhelmed with emotion when big boxes filled to the top with items for me to help many in Whitley County. Thank you to Erica Miller for letting me place collection boxes at the "Y". Thank you to Kiwanis and Rotary for bell ringing and donations of time and money to help once again to provide items for my clients. Thank you to everyone who walked into the office to hand me a check to do the most good. To those who sent donations in the mail. To all locations who let me place table kettles out during the holidays. You'll never know how many prayers of gratitude I extended to each of you.
I pray all of you are blessed from your simple act of giving. I didn't know what to expect when an economy is failing and my list of clients needing help kept growing. God answered prayers. God placed me in a community rich with love and support. I would also like to thank the members of the First Presbyterian Church not only for the beauty of this amazing church but for giving me a place to help people. Through these doors God's work is done! Thank you to "Sissy Bell" the puppy who spent a total of 5 hours volunteering with her owner to ring bells to help provide holiday assistance. Thank you to Becky Hand and Jennifer Romano for so many wonderful stories. For showing this community through pictures and words all I try to do to help others. Thank you to the incredible ladies in the Whitley County Salvation Army Ladies Auxiliary. We have become great friends all wanting to do the best possible for Whitley County. I hope I've not missed anyone...if I did it was not intentional. As I mentioned in the beginning there is not enough words. Mostly I am simply grateful to all those who stop by to just check in on me and make my days brighter.
Thank you and God Bless,
Pat Mossburg
Whitley County Salvation Army

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January 20, 2009

A Poem to the Editor

By Susie Duncan Sexton 
Politicians, one and all,
Listen to this wake-up call:
Legislators overstep contracts with voters!
Morality corrects itself, pompous doters!
Substances smoked, driving while drunk, couplings gone wild.
NON-ISSUES hammered--yet comparatively mild.
Wars rage!  Education stalls!  Economies fail!
Newspapers fold, postal systems teeter, banks bail.
Avoid harsh judgment of the masses' "behavior".
Tend to your  knitting.  Be a "pol"--not a savior.
Remember, not one of you is above reproach.
Abandon "First-Class" seats; come fly WITH us in "coach"!

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January 09, 2009

Corruption, Scandal & Paybacks...business as usual

Brylcreem!  "A little dab'll do ya!"  Illinois' Governor Milorad Blagojevich, replicating the JFK coiffure to maximum effect while behaving as the antithesis of Alabama's former Governor George Wallace, presents himself as one refreshing politician.  Like it or not, dis-allowing Roland Burris admittance to the U. S. Senate Chambers conjures images of innocent school girls barred from advancing civil rights in their attempts to integrate our public school system decades ago.  Clever move, Governor "Rod".  To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, "Racism is racism is racism."  Not to mention, another old cliche' has proven quite credible: Democrats do indeed actually form circles and shoot at themselves. 

Why do we register shock and awe when politicians auction off favors, reward supporters, hide on golf-courses, enjoy tax-supported "field trips" or send their children to pricey private schools?  Occasionally, these same politicos pause for a moment to drop a phrase or to pontificate 'bout pledging conservatism with our hard-won tax dollars, immediately prior to boarding a jet or easing behind a steering wheel of a "company car" or waving at the public from a scooting golf cart.

These tumultuous final January days, brimming with economic tribulations, Mid-East conflicts between the "chosen" people and those living in tents on a land mass the size of a strip-mall, Pakistanis and Indians verging upon nuclear warfare, hold forth the promise of a predictably extravagant inaugural celebration--and nearly half a million dollars worth of ceremonial china plates purchased by Laura Bush and bequeathed to Michelle Obama.

Some entitled citizens, such as Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, effortlessly assume power and prestige via a possible Senatorial appointment by New York's Governor David Paterson while another legitimately dubbed by the Chicago Machine endures ridicule and censure due to an association with a "typical " politician who happened, however, to be caught on tape. Where might a voter find some consistency in all of these machinations?  Would that all office-holders could be caught broadcasting their actual agendas. As humorist Will Rogers warned, "Never say anything aloud which your family parrot might over-hear and repeat" or words to that effect.

Tsk, tsk...times are tough, and our elected national, state and local officials atop their self-considered lofty, albeit temporary, perches assure us they actually give a darn.  Huh-uh.  This concern does not convince those of us everyday Joes who, for instance, open utility bills to find "storm water" charges itemized alongside electricity, sewage, and fire-protection.  Are not God and Mother Nature responsible for rain, snow and drizzle and its trickling or gushing toward the nearest available drains?  Why doesn't our local student council, whoops, city government forego this "minimal" charge, multiplied by every local household over a twelve-month period each and every year, as well as the resultant "perks" for themselves that such a tabulation/calculation provides? 

Enough is enough.  Marie Antoinette foolishly lost her head there for a second when she blew off the starving peasantry of France with the line, "Let 'em eat cake!"  Whether from the top down or the bottom up, true reform seems to be in order.  This oppressive manipulation of the citizenry, by those fortunate and crafty enough to have weaseled their way into power, has assumed frightening proportions.  Enjoy the inaugural festivities on January 20th, but ask yourself how long before some top dog somewhere suggests, "Let  'em pay through the nose for...storm water!"   Actually happened in a small town in Indiana; I am holding the bill in my hot little hand.

Perhaps Englishman John Milton's revolutionary yet poetic 17th century assessment of the struggle between the rulers and the ruled sums up the argument:  "They also serve who only stand and wait."


Susie Duncan Sexton

Columbia City

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