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Troubled Terrier's Tale

A small-town Hoosier's status, on September 13th, as a temporary guardian angel for one neglected, lost, possibly discarded, aging, straying Jack Russell terrier, strikes this habitual reader of newspaper opinion pages as admirable, kind-hearted, and generous of spirit.  This gentleman's recent Letter-to-an-Indiana-Editor alerts us to minute by minute haunting suffering most of us encounter often during our frantically bustling lives.  Commonly, a somewhat false and self-serving sense of logical reasoning kicks in, reminding us that good Samaritan-ship demands time...and usually money, considerably more than simply pocket change, too.   
That little dejected and rejected troubled terrier, abandoned eventually even by its well-meaning potential savior, represents a lamentable break-down in human communication amongst those who assume responsible, compassionate dominion over animals. Not one local or near-by establishment, dedicated to animal rescue/welfare, responded to his plea for assistance; after all, strolling man and wayward beast discovered one another on the week-end.  Perhaps, another caring soul...or two or three or more... should immediately engage in a diligent search along South Street in New Haven, Indiana, embrace the frightened animal, transport her on foot or by little red wagon or automobile to a loving and warm home, supply food and water, bathe the pooch, soothe its wounds, trim its over-grown nails and yes, unfortunately, wait until "regular office hours" to share the rescue story, as well as the cost of shots and follow-up care, with an understanding veterinarian or shelter staff member. 
Of course, September 13th, has long since passed, but should one's heart be so inclined, those homeless and unloved await around more than 700 billion corners each and every day and night. 


Susie Duncan Sexton
Columbia City


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