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Still shrugging at Loe's letter from Larwill

Consult your ATLAS for an overview of our earth and its geography.  Check out library books to discover gods and goddesses featured in Greek and Roman Mythology; within those pages, meet a peripheral Titan named ATLAS, condemned by Zeus to balance the heavens upon his Atlas-like brawny shoulders for eternity. Comic book culture popularizes ATLAS as a really big guy groaning under the weight of that perpetual globe strapped to his backside. Then along came Russian-born novelist Ayn Rand with her cult following demanding that "anybody who is anybody" read her ultra-thick novels and thus learn to salute the dollar sign, symbol of capitalism. Somehow or other, ATLAS and AYN collided and colluded.  In 1957, this "LOVE THY SELF ABOVE ALL ELSE " authoress decided that ATLAS, who represented the most visionary among us, should maybe SHRUG.  End of fictional story?  End of the world as we know it? If you, like I, cannot follow all of this, should we all pull out our road-maps?
Wellllllll, Robert Loe of Larwill alludes to Rand's book title, ATLAS SHRUGGED, and inquires how letters to editors aid in resolving problems, whether,  governmental, societal, economic, political, etc.  Only guessing here, but just as Rand's lengthy novels continue to fascinate, Thomas Paine's pamphlets promote patriotism, Charles Dickens' Madame Defarge successfully knits lists of names, the Bible instructs, and Will Shakespeare informs,  it follows that the voices of the people memorialized in newsprint ought not be chastised.  May the fourth estate continue its enlightenment of the masses. May "PRO PATRIA" remain the motto of both the Sri Lankan Army and the Royal South Australian Regiment of the Royal Australian Infantry Corp. (Although, admittedly,  that portion of Mr. Loe's letter I fail to fully comprehend.)   Laissez-faire, think tanks, peasants, barricades, glitterati, proletariats, serfs, feudalism, bourgeoisie, fiefdom, fiddle dee dee. 
Advocacy, activism, alliteration, anarchy, Ayn, and Atlas crowd themselves into this letter to the editor.  Exactly why I do not know.   However, Loe's  encouragement, or is it discouragement,  of Terry-letters perplexes.  Perhaps true happiness may someday be achieved when MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON?
This just in!  ATLAS SHRUGGED starring  Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and my personal favorite,  Russell Crowe, coming to a theater near you in 2009.  This monumentally convoluted novel's cinematic treatment having existed in limbo for over 35 years, somebody has probably succeeded in dumbing down Rand's overwrought , over-rated philosophy extolling self-centeredness. (Afterthought:  Crowe's comeback also noticeable during Barack Obama's pricey info-mercial...waving wheat field stolen from the GLADIATOR set, and ripped-off soundtrack evoking the BEAUTIFUL MIND of Nobel-Prize-Winning Genius John Nash under-scoring the proceedings.) 
If I follow your logic, Robert E. Loe, ask not for whom Atlas shrugged; he lifted up his shoulders in despair when Hillary lost the Democratic nomination--and we all fell down and went BOOM!  As to your suggestion that WE "band together to form a plan of action", may we invite Ralph Nader and Ron Paul to our PARTY?



Susie Duncan Sexton

Columbia City


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