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No point in pointing fingers, we're in this together

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice instructs each reader that snobbery flows both directions.  "Country-club" types look down their noses at the "salt of the earth" crowd who pretty consistently returns that disdain while glancing more than a bit resentfully upward.  Literary classicists frequently select themes of class warfare as central to their plots.  Reread F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby; check out any Dickens novel.
Tom Brokaw recently asked Ted Koppel if the current economic upheaval might lead to class struggles in the immediate future; witnessing two entitled media moguls discuss such a topic seemed an ominous harbinger of events to come.  Bewildering finger-pointing of the fiercest, sometimes crassest, sort already dominates televised panel discussions, newspaper columns, and restaurant chats.  If we're teetering on the edge of the Great Depression II, let's sniffily participate in the game of Name the Culprit?
No matter whoever or whatever caused the Dow to tumble, shops to close, industrialists to vanish, repossessions to sky-rocket, job terminations to increase staggeringly, banks to fail, credit card interest rates to soar, and, subsequently, the playing field to level, we all may be finally in THIS game together. Yes, this go-round the Family of Man occupies the exact same class-room, and all of us may go down holding hands...or not.  Break out the dominoes.
Susie Duncan Sexton
Columbia City


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