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Media Medea

By Susie Duncan Sexton, Columbia City
Darling, perky, bubble-head work-out queen
Bestest runner-up 'Laska's ever seen
Terminator of all fuzzy wild-life
Snow-mobiling mommy causing fresh strife
Whacks Charlie Darwin-touts Adam 'n Eve
Finish that tangled web once "gals" conceive
Cart-wheeling right-to-lifer blows off CHOICE
Feminine lemmings chant-cheer in one voice
HER God creates pipe-lines, bans naughty books
Gentlemen voters adore her  "vamp" looks
Yes, "right to bear arms"; No, "right to arm bears"!
Frolicking reindeer blown away--who cares?
Stem-cell research, sweet peace trumping mean war--
Both might guide us toward "what a heaven's for".
Family with children numbering five,
Scour mom Sarah's brain beneath that bee-hive!


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