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September 28, 2008

An indecent proposal?

How about picking and choosing during this confusingly kaleidoscopic grab-bag election? 
The following winning quartet would resurrect our country: Mac as the father-figure president married to independent-minded First Lady Michelle Obama, both relying upon Senator Hillary Clinton serving as veep, and all three buoyed up by the presence of perky Governor Sarah Palin dubbed resident court jester
Alaskan moose, caribou, reindeer and wolves would be allowed to live another day every day for an additional four years in their right-to-life environment up North. Our economy, as we all copy Ms. Obama's Jackie-esque ward-robe while devouring magazines' coverage of her every move, might rebound.  While the  "maverick" snoozes snugly inside his White House corral, that Clinton lady who "placed 18 million cracks into the glass ceiling" could percolate as effortlessly as a breath of fresh air and save our collective fannies. 
Barrack Obama?  He gracefully returns to his proper place within the pages of a Dover Publishing Company paper doll book from which he emerged one fine day.  Joe Biden should continue to purchase train tickets.
Susie Duncan Sexton
Columbia City

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September 24, 2008

What good are "railroads" without engineers?

Granted, I do not understand grants.  This robbing of Peter to pay Paul circular activity gains a sterling reputation certainly among grant-writers, whose audiences consist of tax-payers who have evidently contributed enough revenue that sums lay within treasure chests all across the land, just waiting for extraction--our money--from us!  According to a city councilman Tuesday evening, September 23rd, if these monies remain untouched by us within a qualifying time frame, somebody else in another community (heaven forbid?) benefits by reaching inside (into our community chest? surely not?) and sharing the wealth with traveling bands of engineering types willing to trouble-shoot on behalf of the imminent arrival of pet community projects.  Thus, approval of raiding our own mysterious slush (or "rainy day") fund merited a majority "Yea" vote, hardly any questions asked, so that nobody else would pre-emptively plunder our stash.  Odd. 

Come and get it, engineers!  Ours is yours. Perform your studies and advise us.  You, whoever you may be, received our consent.  No better time than the present.  Next, we shall hire the afore-mentioned grant-writer, affiliated with a Fort Wayne-based hospital system, to scribble down all of these "engineered" recommendations upon official forms, and possibly Columbia City citizens will receive an 80% refund simply for apathetically allowing and enabling this round-about effort?  Wondering, though, what suggestions our community will receive pertaining to additional, up-and-down-the-road financing to address safety concerns, encourage beautification projects, and re-generate real estate bounties?  The beat goes on...and on.

Limited questioning, a handful of testimonials directed toward the worthiness of the hypothesized proposal of what might eventually be referred to as an actual "avenue", a quick and early vote occurring because the autumn television season premiered in part on Tuesday, the doors of Columbia City opened for out-of-town engineering consultants to introduce citizens to a "Gateway" operation we shall be instructed we simply cannot live without.  Perhaps Parkview ought to spend three million dollars for the right to name our new entrance (s), and then State Road 205, Highway 30 and Van Buren Street might all merge, intersect, and live happily ever after, appropriately redistributed, widened, narrowed, wrapped around, clover-leafed, luxuriously land-scaped, or what have you (in mind?)  Really, we should invite those engineers and grant-writers to stay home as we get smart and encourage this representative of corporate medical-America to pay Columbia City for the privilege, not to bankrupt the citizenry, rather, to "come grow with us", a slogan employed by former Mayors Teghtmeyer and Zickgraf.  Those were the days. 


Susie Duncan Sexton

Columbia City

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September 10, 2008

Citizen voices concern over highway entrance to new Parkview

what's looming? local tax-payers forking over 25 grand for a study to be matched with a la la land grant to perform some EXTENSIVE highway and entrance work for parkview hospital to be built where paul zumbrun used to live?  geesh, as soon as the sextons come up with that same amount out of our meager household budget to pay for medical expenses garnered throughout the past two weeks, maybe the system can just hand that exact amount to the engineers?  almost attended the council meeting tonight as an interested, currently disappointed and amazed, citizen, trailing my councilman don down the street?  though the secret (?) business matters (not handled by smaller mayoral appointed committees) planned for each session is/are delivered, via old brown rubber-banded packets, by otto that wonderful, personable meter-man, no fleshed-out info concerning this hot topic for the night was included...but plenty of well-dressed movers and shakers showed up and made their presentations....should we citizens PAY this amount or should the hospital system...is this or is this not a no-brainer?  wish i had been there, armed with my current letter-to-the-editor.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH--decision to be made in two weeks on a tuesday...be there...i shall.  date would be tuesday, sept. 23rd at 7 p.m....but get there early to mingle or glare or cry or something!
Susie Duncan Sexton
Columbia City

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Media Medea

By Susie Duncan Sexton, Columbia City
Darling, perky, bubble-head work-out queen
Bestest runner-up 'Laska's ever seen
Terminator of all fuzzy wild-life
Snow-mobiling mommy causing fresh strife
Whacks Charlie Darwin-touts Adam 'n Eve
Finish that tangled web once "gals" conceive
Cart-wheeling right-to-lifer blows off CHOICE
Feminine lemmings chant-cheer in one voice
HER God creates pipe-lines, bans naughty books
Gentlemen voters adore her  "vamp" looks
Yes, "right to bear arms"; No, "right to arm bears"!
Frolicking reindeer blown away--who cares?
Stem-cell research, sweet peace trumping mean war--
Both might guide us toward "what a heaven's for".
Family with children numbering five,
Scour mom Sarah's brain beneath that bee-hive!

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September 09, 2008

BABE thanks Northeastern REMC's Community Trust for gift

Thank you to the Northeastern REMC Community Trust for their generosity in awarding Beds & Britches, Etc. the B.A.B.E. program $2000 to assist in purchasing much needed infant & toddler items for families.  Second, please accept my apology for the lateness of this very important thank you to the Northeastern REMC Community Trust.  B.A.B.E. had an extremely busy, yet very productive summer packed full of events, and now that summer is coming to an end, we are able to catch up on some very important work that was put on hold. 
Below is a complete list of how funds from Northeastern REMC were spent:
  1. 52 boxes of diapers (5408 diapers) @ $14.00 ea. = $728
  2. 26 boxes of wipes (156 pkgs.) @ $7.50 ea. = $195
  3. 25 pkgs. of pull-ups (1100 pull-ups) @ 13.00 ea. = $325
  4. 147 bottles @ $1.00 ea. = $147
  5. 50 onesies @ $2.00 ea. = $100
  6. 20 pkgs. of socks (200 pairs) @ $6.00 ea. = $120
  7. 4 baby strollers @ $20.00 ea. = $100
  8. 2 baby swings @ $40.00 ea. = $80
  9. 2 High Chairs @ $30.00 ea. = $60
  10. 1 Baby Crib @ $100 ea. = $100
  11. 1 Crib Mattress @ $45.00 ea. = $45
As you can tell, the money was put to good use.  B.A.B.E. appreciates the Northeastern REMC Community Trust’s support, and it is always our intention to be good stewards of the funds that are awarded.
Once again, thank you for your support of Beds & Britches, Etc. and our work with pregnant women, teen parents, and families with children from birth to age 5.  B.A.B.E. couldn’t continue this great program without the support of Northeastern REMC.
Shawn Ellis, Program Director
Beds & Britches, Etc. / B.A.B.E.

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The battle between Age-ism & Sexy-ism

Emergency Room visits plant one face to face with this Rat Race called Life.    Monstrous, miserable scuttling through that messy maze proceeds with a vengeance.  
Patients fork over an immediate $1,000, purchasing the most minimal care and concern coupled with instructions to languish at HOME while, for instance, nursing two broken limbs for three full days, contacting an orthopedic surgeon all on your own if and when such a creature is available.  Severe injuries or illness must wait, although taxi cab meters commence manic clicking as the monumental, inexcusably exorbitant medical bills arrive nearly prior to your return from surgery, interspersed with obligatory greeting cards tossed indifferently into your mailbox.  Genuine caring, nosiness, crass jokes, misinformation, judgment calls, gossip, sympathy and empathy or the lack of both, studied silence, shrugging of shoulders, sincere or weak offers of assistance parade through your existence during one of the most depressing, harrowing, mind-boggling times we all encounter, sooner or later. 
We've traveled this twisting route previously, bearing scars to this day.  Preparedness for such desolate loneliness, lack of deep human understanding, and financial insecurities, while facing physically incapacitating pain, remains an unwelcome challenge.  Surely, as we await the election results within approximately 60 days, we must ask ourselves if this carnival side-show featuring two youthful candidates, one a Messianic Lincolnesque poseur and the other a Right-to-Life chick who shoots animals for sport ( A couple of older guys figure into this kaleidoscopic mixture, as well.), presents itself as the contest for which we all actually bargained.  Let the games begin, this battle between age-ism and SEXY-ism.  Emphasis on the importance of the health-care industry and assurance of adequate insurance for all in this backward country of ours would have been far preferable during this presidential campaign; however medical-reform advocate Hillary Clinton sits at home licking her wounds also.  Maybe my husband and I should give her a call or invite her over to enjoy the rotting grapes and bananas and pumpkin caramel popcorn from our two-week old be-ribboned fruit basket.  How about a few tears shared among old friends?  Compassion, communication, and clarification ease worried frustration and allow focus on true healing.


Susie Sexton
Columbia City

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