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Families thankful to Sheriff's Department for recent efforts in stopping speeders at Loon Lake

On behalf of the many families who enjoy the south shore of Loon Lake, thank you to the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department and the deputies who spent approximately two hours on Saturday, August 23, addressing the issue of speeding in our neighborhood.
Despite the posted 20 mile per hour limit along CR 700 North, motorists routinely exceed the limit by between 20-30 miles – occasionally more even. This creates a very dangerous situation as many families, including young children, cross the street to access the lake from their homes on the other side of the road. On numerous occasions, we’ve all experienced drivers whose excessive speed and inattention have nearly resulted in tragic situations. The close calls, frankly, have become rather commonplace.
In the time you were here, we noticed that you were able to stop many vehicles. We hope that your presence serves as a notice to those in the area that speeding in our neighborhood is a serious and dangerous problem. We are grateful for your assistance and support in drawing attention to an issue we face here on an ongoing basis. We hope you’ll be back – and we’re sure you’ll easily catch a few more.
The Romano Family
The Bean Family
& the residents of Loon Lake’s South Shore


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