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A festival-going family finds kindness in an unexpected place along the midway

We took (our two-year-old daughter) Skylar to the fair last night to experience her first Old Settlers Days.  As is the norm anymore when we go out in public, the adults just stand there and gawk at the “little girl in the wheel chair,” while the children running around are unphased by the sight. 
As we all know “carnies” don’t necessarily have a good reputation.  However, two workers stood out from the entire crowd last night.  We had just started our jaunt down the street taking in the sights and sounds when we are motioned over by one of the workers.  Surprisingly enough it was not to try and get dad to win his child a prize.  No, he just wanted to say hi and make a little girl (who has in just two minute’s time been stared at like she has third arm) feel special. 
No, he did not want dad to win the prize, but give that little girl a prize.  He then proceeded to go to the game booth right next to his and get her yet another prize.  The worker at the second booth even tried to make that little girl feel special and made her a balloon apple (how on earth he did that I will never figure out). 
We couldn’t help but thank those two gentlemen profusely, and to repeatedly tell them that it was not necessary to just give her the prizes.  So a big thank you to the gentleman running the booth where you shoot the little star with the air powered rifle and the other worker at the booth directly east of his (where you pop a balloon with a dart to win a picture).  It’s good to know that in this day and age there are still a few truly good and nice people out there.


Tony Payton



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