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Don Amber encourages community to vote May 6

I believe that the question I receive most often is, “why are you running for commissioner?”

If I had a special agenda then the answer would be pretty easy but I don’t have any special agenda. I’m not even sure I buy the “we need change” feelings. Overall, our county government has acted very responsibly for the years in which I’ve been involved. For fifteen years, as EMS Director, I dealt with both the County Commissioners and County Council. With few exceptions I was treated very fairly.

I became the Smith Township Trustee/Assessor in 1987 because the previous Trustee (Roger Nestel) had passed away and his wife (Connie) handled the trustee chores very well until she decided to run and was subsequently elected to the County Auditor position. I have faithfully filled the position as Smith Township Trustee/Assessor with the help of my various board members. Together we have succeeded in purchasing several hundred thousands of dollars worth of fire equipment, over one hundred thousand dollars worth of recreation/park funds and have purchased land that perhaps will one day be the home of the Smith Township Fire Department. All of this was done without incurring one penny of debt. Smith Township is very healthy at this time and about to purchase a new fire/rescue truck, again paying cash.

I believe that it is the natural progression to move up from a township trustee to a county commissioner. It’s a job that I’ve wanted for several years and while the incumbent has done a decent job, I’d like an opportunity to serve the entire county in the capacity of county commissioner.

Republican or Democrat, I challenge each of you to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming primary election. Please don’t forget about the numerous places on this earth where the citizens do not have the ability to vote for the leaders or, are told which leaders to vote for. I urge everyone to vote on May 6th and if you’re a Republican I’d be very honored to have your vote and I pledge to do the best job that I possibly can as YOUR county commissioner.

Don Amber

Republican Candidate for District 3 County Commissioner



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