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Associated Builders and Contractors shares endorsement of Jim Banks for County Council

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana has endorsed Jim Banks in his run for a Whitley County Council at-large seat.Based on Jim’s responses on our issues, we feel he will better represent the ideals of free enterprise at the county level for the following reasons:

Jim Banks -

• wishes to bring Whitley County a “new perspective to move it forward” and a “new type of leadership that people in Whitley County are hungry for”

• will “work hard to bring new leaders into the government arena”

• will think “outside the box to bring new ideas to build economic development”

• strongly opposes PLAs and supports “neutrality and open competition for all government building and/or other projects”

• strongly opposes the “government setting wages for any project” and “government should side with the taxpayer and award contracts to bidders who can do the best job at the lowest cost”

Jim Banks’ guiding principle as an elected official  -

“. . .government is too big and therefore spends way too much money. The less government intrusion and regulation of businesses, the more all people will prosper.”

Jim was born and raised in Columbia City and South Whitley and graduated from Indiana University after working for several political campaigns here in Indiana and Colorado. Jim worked for Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he also established Jim Banks Consulting, LLC. Jim returned to Columbia City, Indiana in 2007 and renamed his company The Wabash Group, LLC, a public affairs and public relations company. Their clients have included several organizations, non-profits, corporations, and political candidates throughout the country.

ABC of Indiana is proud to support Jim Banks!

Felisha Minnich, Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana

The Associated Builders and Contractors is a professional construction trade association dedicated to the Merit Shop philosophy and to the free trade enterprise system.


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