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May 29, 2008

Senator Obama...another pandering politician

Congratulations to those who may finally grudgingly acknowledge the pathetic duplicity of "candidate/politician" Barack Obama. I supported his candidacy for nearly three weeks in the early autumn, not that his performance even then took precedence over Hillary's consistent mastery of ALL of the debates.

Disenchantment truly set in, witnessing his occasional snideness toward both Clintons, disavowal of his once sought-after minister,  waffling over "tis more patriotic NOT to wear a flag pin", and, tellingly, the youthful candidate's confusing smugness and dismissiveness regarding "clinging to guns and thumping Bibles".

Actually, a plethora of his hippie-like, sixties generation stances wowed me once, but now Barack prefers to be regarded as a "good guy" (actually stated such in a debate--lately, he avoids debates) and steps away from what generated his initial notice and resultant genuine popularity.  Yet, the odd breathless momentum continues--cheers and adulation for a hollow man.

Yep,  Senator Obama reverted into just another pandering politician whose wife frequently makes much more sense than he does.  However, that poor soul, Michelle, may only emerge as just another First Lady whose every move and cogent thought will assuredly be demeaned and vilified by her husband's over-adoring, star-struck media mafia.

The possibility of the Clintons' return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might deserve a thoughtful second look. 


Susie Duncan Sexton
Columbia City

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May 19, 2008

Whitley County EMS celebrates Emergency Services Week May 18-24

Emergency Medical Services Week is celebrated this year May 18-24. This is an opportunity to honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services for you in your time of crisis.

Whitley County is extremely fortunate to have a wealth of dedicated individuals. The staff of Whitley County EMS has more than 503 years combined experience in the delivery of pre-hospital care to the people of Whitley County.

I would like to personally thank all of the Dispatchers, First-Responders, Fire Departments, Police Departments, EMTs, Advanced EMTs and Paramedics that spend countless hours in specialized training to enhance their life-saving skills. It is through their commitment and efforts the survival and recovery rate of those who experience sudden illness or injury have been dramatically improved.

Thank you for your dedication and continued service to our communities.

Duane Ginder, Director

Whitley County EMS

Parkview Whitley Hospital


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May 13, 2008

Proud father shares thanks for Sunday's story, photos of soldiers

As Specialist Gabe Gordon's father, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for running this story and these great images. I too was at the celebration of the soldiers return and was proud to be a part of a community that supports it's troops.  I'll tell one of the first comments Gabriel chose to share with me, (Ben-DAD)"Welcome home to the Hoosier state son", (Gabriel) "Man, it is soooo green here". 
Thanks again for your coverage.


Ben Gordon,

Proud father of Specialist Gabe Gordon MP.


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May 08, 2008

Hillary's "broken ankles" not stopping her

By Susie Duncan Sexton 


Eight Belles, the valiant filly, nearly won the Kentucky Derby this past weekend; Senator Hillary Clinton, who urged us to place our bets upon that beautiful horse, seems to have broken both ankles on May 6th according to the rationalizing pundits!  Still, continuing her persistent, tenacious campaign in West Virginia the "day after",  her graceful stride and sure words bring to mind the regality of Queen Elizabeth--actually, Hillary cuts a figure that is beyond "presidential".  How fortunate for our country that there remains a strong possibility that she will return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2009.


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May 07, 2008

What is Servant Leadership?

By Kelley Sheiss


Leadership Whitley County , currently seeking applicants for its eighth year, is a program designed to develop servant leaders for our community.  Often, the question is asked – What is Leadership Whitley County and what is servant leadership?

Imagine what it would be like if more local people were charged up and inspired to build an extraordinary community, possessed the desire and confidence to assume new leadership roles and were empowered to make sound decisions and achieve strategic goals they truly understood.

Leadership Whitley County provides the tools to reach these goals through a program designed to educate and inform local residents and employers about the functions and challenges of social issues and other topics relating to the future direction of Whitley County, Indiana .  The program is built upon the belief that local residents are best suited to create a vision for their community and should be empowered to do so.  From homemakers to company owners, Leadership Whitley County provides networking opportunities and skill building activities for a variety of individuals.  These assets can then be carried back to homes and workplaces, resulting in a positive experience for all who are touched by the LWC program.

Servant leadership, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, Second Edition, is “a person employed to perform services for another” (servant) and “the position of guidance of others” (leadership).  But, to those individuals who serve as alumni and current participants of Leadership Whitley County, servant leadership is much more.  It composes an attitude of humility, provides an example of integrity, recognizes servant intentions, builds upon the importance of respect for others, and responds to guidance.

People feel served when they have been valued, trusted, supported, respected, challenged, rewarded, inspired and appreciated.  Servant leadership is the design for people to give back to themselves, individuals and their community.  It involves character, truth, integrity and standing behind your word.  It is not demonstrated by what you say, but by what you do.

Effective Leadership starts on the inside.  Are you prepared to be a servant leader for your community?  Leadership Whitley County would like to extend their appreciation to the alumni and most recent class of the program who have dedicated their time and effort to making Whitley County a better place to live.  A sincere thank-you goes out to the business and industry of our community who have supported this program and its goals.

As Frances Hesselbein of the Drucker Foundation said, “The future, whatever it brings, needs leaders at every level who focus on the spirit within and their commitment to the common good.”

Leadership Whitley County provides the opportunity for those living and working in Whitley County to make a positive contribution to their community and garner self-improvement, both personally and professionally.    The future of the community is in your hands…are you ready?



Kelley Sheiss serves as the Program Coordinator for Leadership Whitley County.  For more information on LWC, contact Kelley at 799-4045 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Visit Leadership Whitley County’s website at www.leadershipwc.org

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May 03, 2008

Don Amber encourages community to vote May 6

I believe that the question I receive most often is, “why are you running for commissioner?”

If I had a special agenda then the answer would be pretty easy but I don’t have any special agenda. I’m not even sure I buy the “we need change” feelings. Overall, our county government has acted very responsibly for the years in which I’ve been involved. For fifteen years, as EMS Director, I dealt with both the County Commissioners and County Council. With few exceptions I was treated very fairly.

I became the Smith Township Trustee/Assessor in 1987 because the previous Trustee (Roger Nestel) had passed away and his wife (Connie) handled the trustee chores very well until she decided to run and was subsequently elected to the County Auditor position. I have faithfully filled the position as Smith Township Trustee/Assessor with the help of my various board members. Together we have succeeded in purchasing several hundred thousands of dollars worth of fire equipment, over one hundred thousand dollars worth of recreation/park funds and have purchased land that perhaps will one day be the home of the Smith Township Fire Department. All of this was done without incurring one penny of debt. Smith Township is very healthy at this time and about to purchase a new fire/rescue truck, again paying cash.

I believe that it is the natural progression to move up from a township trustee to a county commissioner. It’s a job that I’ve wanted for several years and while the incumbent has done a decent job, I’d like an opportunity to serve the entire county in the capacity of county commissioner.

Republican or Democrat, I challenge each of you to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming primary election. Please don’t forget about the numerous places on this earth where the citizens do not have the ability to vote for the leaders or, are told which leaders to vote for. I urge everyone to vote on May 6th and if you’re a Republican I’d be very honored to have your vote and I pledge to do the best job that I possibly can as YOUR county commissioner.

Don Amber

Republican Candidate for District 3 County Commissioner


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Associated Builders and Contractors shares endorsement of Jim Banks for County Council

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana has endorsed Jim Banks in his run for a Whitley County Council at-large seat.Based on Jim’s responses on our issues, we feel he will better represent the ideals of free enterprise at the county level for the following reasons:

Jim Banks -

• wishes to bring Whitley County a “new perspective to move it forward” and a “new type of leadership that people in Whitley County are hungry for”

• will “work hard to bring new leaders into the government arena”

• will think “outside the box to bring new ideas to build economic development”

• strongly opposes PLAs and supports “neutrality and open competition for all government building and/or other projects”

• strongly opposes the “government setting wages for any project” and “government should side with the taxpayer and award contracts to bidders who can do the best job at the lowest cost”

Jim Banks’ guiding principle as an elected official  -

“. . .government is too big and therefore spends way too much money. The less government intrusion and regulation of businesses, the more all people will prosper.”

Jim was born and raised in Columbia City and South Whitley and graduated from Indiana University after working for several political campaigns here in Indiana and Colorado. Jim worked for Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he also established Jim Banks Consulting, LLC. Jim returned to Columbia City, Indiana in 2007 and renamed his company The Wabash Group, LLC, a public affairs and public relations company. Their clients have included several organizations, non-profits, corporations, and political candidates throughout the country.

ABC of Indiana is proud to support Jim Banks!

Felisha Minnich, Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana

The Associated Builders and Contractors is a professional construction trade association dedicated to the Merit Shop philosophy and to the free trade enterprise system.

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