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La Dee Da!

By Susie Duncan Sexton 
La Dee Da!  Can see it now!  Obama's promising candidacy delivers alright as a lovely concept which, thus far, CANNOT be maligned.  Logistically, though, the democratic party veers toward shouts of "Foiled again!" 
Why?  McCain's vice-presidential pick seems evident--Colin Powell!  Another ultra-progressive dem bites the dust.  Centrist Hillary surely feels very like Alice hurtling down the lamentable rabbit-hole of "I told you so!" 
This Hoosier's feeling strangely "blue".  Hope those stubborn donkeys among us enjoy toasting their inevitable, foolish loss in the general election--over a trough-full of Chablis!  Wake up, and smell the latte' before it's too late-y! 


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