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April 26, 2008

North Carolinians and Indianans share a chance to make or break history

By Susie Duncan Sexton 


A Hoosier's advice to Tarheels during Race '08:  Truman and "Ike" introduced a large portion of us "boomers" to the political world of spirited competitions in hot pursuit of the White House.  One "last hurrah" arrives via this present phenomenal contest for the Democratic presidential nomination. Such tremendous and obvious excitement permeates the land!

Though arthritic and  62 years of age, these gnarled fingers lent themselves to a (cell)phone bank the eve of the Pennsylvania Primary--one soul among a band of Hoosiers nagging at those far-away voters from "Penn's Woods" to hurry to their respective polling places by 8 P.M.  We called them from 6 P.M.onward approaching that magic hour of closing. Rushing back to our modest homes, parking our cars in our driveways, searching for our remote controls as we catapulted across our living rooms mesmerized by the television screen and the voices of disappointed, astounded, rationalizing pundits, what "to our wandering eyes should appear"?  By Jove, our girl Hillary had won that very critical race, headed toward a double digit margin of victory--such rapid-fire results!  Had we, at our "Phone Bank for Hillary" (which sounds like a new Mel Brooks musical number), accomplished such a speedy, earth-shaking feat from our meager perches in an undisclosed Indiana locale?   (We got bumped earlier from the local library facilities; no one ever said "saving the world" would be easy nor without intrigue!) 

Only in America, at this particular time, can we feel ourselves to be such a vital ingredient of major "reconstruction", the likes of which has not been seen since the Civil War. There's fun to be had "putting Humpty Dumpty back together again", and with the help of musical troubadour John Cougar Mellencamp yet!  Whatever the rock-star calls himself these days, he rents himself out to both "parties", i.e. Hillary AND Obama. 

Quite simply, a jolly experience all the way around...though do "hush, hush", and keep your preferences to yourselves, as we must not "politicize" the situation and give ourselves away for fear of alienating those more opinionated than ourselves.  North Carolinians and Indianans share a chance to make or break history--let's do talk "amongst ourselves" after all..or "what's a heaven for"?   Note to Editor: Whether in NC or IN, leave the aforementioned quotation marks alone, as they denote familiar literary phrases which arose from somewhere or other in our "collective consciousness"--and operate as "stage instructions".

"Glory, glory, Hallelujah!"  May our voices not be stilled; allow the "circle (to) remain unbroken"; and let's all "play ball!"  Please, please publish this prayer-challenge prior to Hillary's and Barack's campaigns moving forth to Puerto Rico?   Topicality remains a plus in such times as these.

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April 25, 2008

We're not going to be apathetic any longer

By Julia (Harris) Ozab 

I grew up right there in Whitley County, graduated from CC(J)HS in 1990, and now live out here in Eugene, Oregon.  I still have a lot of family and friends in Whitley and Allen counties and all over Indiana. I love Oregon, but there's still a lot of "home" in northeastern Indiana.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or a "just-don't-care-about-politics", we are all Americans and we all have the right to say who will govern our nation.

Yes, I am an Obama supporter, and my husband, Mom (who lived over 60 years in Whitley County), my 2-year old daughter, and I have been working tirelessly on Senator Obama's campaign, but we're not the typical political people. This is a first for all of us, and we all have our own reasons.

For me, it's about wanting something better for my daughter. Becoming a parent changes your entire life perspective, and it's an amazing feeling to actually WANT someone in the White House instead of voting for the lesser of two evils as I've done for the last 18 years.

I am not telling you to vote for Senator Obama. (I didn't tell my own family/friends that, I'm certainly not going to tell you!) Read about Senator Obama's plan for America http://www.barackobama.com/issues/ and read about the other candidates, both Senator Clinton or Senator McCain.

Read up. Inform yourself. Talk to family, friends, and neighbors.  I don't agree with all of Senator Obama's plans and ideas. But, to me, he has something more. He has the willingness, the history, and the gumption (if you will) to work with ALL sides of an issue and come to a resolution together.

I refuse to speak for anyone else, but I personally am tired of being afraid, and I'm tired of all the partisan bickering that I'm seeing in Washington because they aren't getting anything done.  We can have a better future for our children, but only if we are willing to step up and tell the people we've elected to our national government that we're not going to be apathetic any longer.

Thank you for listening, have a wonderful and safe weekend, and be sure to go vote on the 6th. This is your chance to have a real say in the future of this nation. It's a free nation with free elections, we need to celebrate and honor that fact.

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April 17, 2008

Warnick announces endorsement of Schellinger for Governor

I am proud to endorse Jim Schellinger for Governor for the following reasons:

Jim Schellinger is a life long Hoosier, who has never, worked or lived in Washington DC, which can change the way, he looks at and thinks about Hoosiers and the way we work and live in Indiana. Marge Warnick and Jim Schellinger

Jim is a committed business leader in Indiana, as President of CSO Architects in Indianapolis, Jim and his Company has been named in the Indianapolis Star as one of the Top Five companies in Indiana.

Jim is committed to Education throughout Indiana by working with School Boards throughout Indiana on ways to improve their current buildings to better serve the Teachers & Students in their learning environment.

Jim is committed to Labor Unions, and the working class citizens of Indiana, Jim worked full time nights and summers to pay his way through the University Of Notre Dame earning a degree in Architecture.

Jim is committed to his family, Jim and Laura have three sons, and Jim coached all three in Little League Baseball, and they often find their way home to South Bend to visit with family there.

Jim may be a first time candidate, with new ideas, but he has had a life long commitment to the Indiana Democrat Party, supporting the party in good times and bad.

About a year ago, our Grandson Brenden (8) was with us at a dinner in Warsaw at the Pizza King where Jim spoke. On the way home Brenden asked who that man was, we told him the next Governor of Indiana. He asked what a Governor does and many other questions. Brenden has always had that little intuition and is a good judge of people. After answering his questions, he said that Mr. Schellinger would be a good Governor, because he was a nice man. Well, Brenden’s Grandma thinks so too, and that is why I am endorsing Jim. Jim Schellinger is the best choice for Governor of Indiana.

Marjorie L. Warnick

Indiana Democrat Party

Third District Vice Chairman


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April 16, 2008

La Dee Da!

By Susie Duncan Sexton 
La Dee Da!  Can see it now!  Obama's promising candidacy delivers alright as a lovely concept which, thus far, CANNOT be maligned.  Logistically, though, the democratic party veers toward shouts of "Foiled again!" 
Why?  McCain's vice-presidential pick seems evident--Colin Powell!  Another ultra-progressive dem bites the dust.  Centrist Hillary surely feels very like Alice hurtling down the lamentable rabbit-hole of "I told you so!" 
This Hoosier's feeling strangely "blue".  Hope those stubborn donkeys among us enjoy toasting their inevitable, foolish loss in the general election--over a trough-full of Chablis!  Wake up, and smell the latte' before it's too late-y! 

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April 04, 2008

Prayer - America's Strength and Shield

By Suzie Langohr

“Prayer – America’s Strength and Shield” is this year's theme for the National Day of Prayer.  What mighty truth is stated in this simple phrase!!  God tells us in His Word that "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."  2 Chronicles 7:14.


Four years ago, I was listening to a Christian radio station promoting the National Day of Prayer. My heart had been heavy for a long time about the condition that our beloved country had fallen into.  We needed His help!  I complained to God that someone should be doing something about a National Day of Prayer service in our Columbia City. That is when I heard His Voice say" Why don't you do something?"  God has only spoken to me 4 times audibly in my life, the rest of the time is through His Holy Word, the Bible.  That is when I told God that I was just one person, what could I do?  But you don't argue with God for long.  I remember praying "Okay Lord.  It has to be in Your power and I will follow."  We had 3 weeks to put a program together.  I had several dear friends, Mickey English, Pat Hatcher, Laurel and Elsie Richmond that came on board. God pulled together a national simulcast and a short program where approximately 20 people came to pray.  It was exciting to see what God had done in a very short period of time!  We felt His presence and knew that this National Day of Prayer was important to Him.


In the years since, God has brought a number of hard working and passionate people to join the Whitley County National Day of Prayer committee.  Last year the evening program ended with enough Christians from churches all over Whitley County to come and hold hands around the courthouse and lift up prayers for the people of Whitley County and our nation!  Isn't God amazing!!!


I personally know the power of prayer and what mighty things God can do in people's lives.  My desire is for people to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ personally, and to see Him bring hope to the broken hearted.


If you have this same desire to see God heal our land and restore people's lives and you have received Jesus Christ as your Savior, come and join the Whitley County National Day of Prayer Committee.  Call Suzie Langohr at 244-3557.


Suzie Langohr is a first grade teacher at Northern Heights Elementary School.  She has taught for almost 36 years and still loves it!  Her husband is Craig Langohr and the couple has two daughters, Alicia and Amanda.


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The Demise of Huntley, Brinkley, Cronkite and Sevareid

By Susie Duncan Sexton

We democrats wish to halt the Iraqi skirmish, reverse No Child Left Behind, stabilize the price of oil, address the war on the middle class, advance stem-cell research as well as rejuvenate scientific break-throughs, acknowledge the threat of global-warming, deal fairly with the immigration issue, solve the mortgage crisis, tax-trounce those  privileged 1% of the richie riches, create jobs in the greening of America movement while curbing out-sourcing, as well as universally medically insure every man, woman, and child.  That's all we ask!

Why oh why then must we watch Senator Barack Obama prance down an aisle lined with rows upon rows of pom-pom waving, scantily-clad, legitimate, eagerly gleeful cheer-leaders, prior to eventually sprinting further along the track toward beaming host Chris Matthews of MSNBC's College Tour production for an engaging one-on-one interview campaigning for the position of...prom king?

Meanwhile, on the Fox Network, the latest poll airs, hovering on television screens across this great country of ours, revealing the results of Senator Hillary Clinton's phoniness profile?  Every misogynist's dream come true!  Gimme an M, gimme an I-S-O-G-Y-N-Y!  HISS, BOOM, BAH!

All of this just as we finally almost believed there might be "life after high school"!


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