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Reader gives vote of support for Hillary Clinton

Dearest Hillary,


Well, there you go again!  Winning yet another debate!  Your all-encompassing knowledge of facts, daily current events, statistics, the ever-changing political landscape, crucial issues which matter to us all, and how to score points in significant discussions/debates impresses this voter continually!  The televised exchange in Austin, Texas, allowed you once again to demonstrate your sense of fairness, serenity, stability, subtlety, and occasional, though necessary, brave feistiness.  (Truly hope that "one cannot xerox change" becomes part of the lexicon through March 4th and onward!)  Your LAST WORD resonated with several "white male voters" polled on the FOX network following the CNN broadcast. Yes, you one-upped Barack with your closing comments citing your acknowledgement of the plight of far too many Americans' disenfranchisement!  Your genuine concern for others and uncanny ability to focus outward and beyond yourself underscored that as of that moment you not only won the debate; you also won hearts and will garner the nomination!  My best to you today and always!  By the way, I am a free-thinking 61 year old midwestern white female who would approve of you regardless of my demographic status!



Submitted by Susie Duncan Sexton



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