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Local residents share appreciation for local YMCA

Editor’s Note: What follows are two testimonials from local families who have benefited from the Whitley County Family YMCA’s financial assistance. The local YMCA is currently in the process of raising funds to support this type of funding with their Partner with Youth Campaign. Talk of the Town will continue to keep you updated on the progress they are making with this effort. Whitley County YMCA executive director Erica Miller provided the stories shared below.


A senior citizen writes:

“I am 66 years of age and have been overweight all of my life.  Can't remember when I wasn't dieting.  My health finally became a very important issue.  Blood pressure, arthritis, bad knees, back problems and etc.  I had the gastric bypass surgery last March (2007) and was instructed I must lose weight to live.  I knew then I had to get myself under control and get to the pool.  Because I need knee replacement I knew the water would be what I needed.  And my doctors were in agreement.
I applied for financial assistance, as I had not been able to work in about a year and was on social security.  The YMCA so graciously gave us the discounted fee.  I believe that was last June or so.  I have lost 120# and still losing.  Coming to the YMCA has been such a blessing. 
Thank you ALL for allowing me and my husband to come and enjoy the water.  My husband has bad knees and back and he enjoys the exercise too.  He will be 70 this year.  We should all take care of ourselves when we are younger.  For some reason we think we are too smart for that (when we are in our youth). 
You are a blessing to our family.”


A young mother writes:  

“After my divorce (and losing a significant amount of money through the divorce), I knew that I had to make some cut backs in my budget.  I thought one of the cut backs would have to be the YMCA, but I didn't want it to be one.  I went in one day and talked with Ms. Miller, explaining to her my situation, and we were able to come up with a manageable solution.  I was able to keep my Y membership for me and my children!!  I love going to the Y, to see the friendly people who work there and who are genuinely interested in your well being.  I have used the Y for body exercise, to relieve anger and stress, to lose weight, and to lift up my spirit.  It has played a very important role in my life and gotten me through some life changing events.”


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