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Are you tired of duplication, high tax bills?

By Dennis H. Warnick

I hope some how Whitley County will get ahead of the curve in regards to the Shepherd-Kernan Report. We don’t need to go overboard three elected county commissioners as we always have is ok, and a elected sheriff as we always have is ok, but from there on we need to change. Every other office in the courthouse except Judges and Prosecutor and County Clerk should be appointed offices by the Commissioners, the County Clerk should be appointed by the Judges. There should not be any term limits in the state of Indiana. If an elected official is not getting the job done then people will vote them out of office.

Township Trustees who deal with poor relief, fire service, and grave yards as well as assessments, we may no longer need. Poor relief can be handled by FSSA, Fire service could be taken care of by a County wide Fire District of which each Fire Department would still elect a chief and the chief’s of each department would elect a Fire District Commander, together the chief’s committee and the District Commander will decide when and where to replace equipment. Tax Assessment could as the Governor’s plan states are taken care of by an appointed county assessor. Graveyard’s maintenance could be looked after by the county wide park department who would do the mowing of parks anyway so the additional mowing would not be a big deal.

To have three public Library Districts in Whitley County and still not everyone can check out books from one of the Libraries is nonsense, we need one Library District with everyone being able to check books out of any of the Libraries, and maybe even a small Library at Tri Lake in years to come.

We need One School District, were there is now three, for Whitley, Noble & Kosciusko County tax payers to pay the salaries of three School Superintendants is nonsense! Each Superintendant makes over one hundred thousand dollars per year, plus they each have an assistant superintendant who makes more then eighty thousand dollars per year, you could run all three school corporations with One Superintendent and One Assistant Superintendant.

I am not talking about doing away with any libraries in fact we may be able to add a library, I am not talking about doing away with and Schools, each School would still have it’s own identity, its own personnel. But in both cases we would have one board to run the County Library System, and one School Board to run the county Tri County School Corporation. We should also look at combining the three communities, South Whitley, Columbia City and Churubusco park departments and include the County and Tri Lakes to come up with a county wide parks department, which would include the county wide trail system people are talking about, if it was a Whitley County Parks System it may be able to apply for larger grants, and maybe even get them.

The reason for all of this is that with all of the talk out of Indianapolis about making government smaller it is better to work toward making government smaller on our terms then to do it the way Indianapolis tells us we must do it! So I am throwing this out for people to tell me I am nuts, but we need to start from somewhere so I hope this will get people thinking and maybe start the ball rolling. And since I am presently on the Columbia City Parks Department as well as the Peabody Public Library Board I want to state that I would be more then happy to give up my set on both boards if it meant better library service to all county residents and better a better park system for everyone in Whitley County.

Will this or anything else ever take place? Only if enough people get tired of all the duplication of board and the high tax bills that the duplication causes, so it is up to all of us to push forward and make Whitley County a better place to live for our children and grandchildren by doing something. So these are my thoughts, please let those in government know your thoughts.

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