Help Wanted - Youth Philanthropy Mentor

The Community Foundation of Whitley County, Inc. is looking for a part-time Youth Philanthropy Mentor to guide our student led HANDS Foundation. If you "get" teens, embrace philanthropy, have a brain to pick, an ear to listen and can nudge in the right direction, this contracted position could be a great fit. Responsibilities include:

-  Commit to helping young people bring about positive change in their community.

-  Intentionally empower HANDS members with decision-making abilities so that they learn to take responsibility for, and make their own decisions.

-  Create a diverse, inclusive team atmosphere within the HANDS organization.

-  Act as the liaison between members of HANDS and Community Foundation staff.

-   Assist HANDS members with annual grant applications for funding which include outcomes measurement and reporting.

-  Coordinate grant recommendations, CFWC Board approval and subsequent grant agreements and awards.

-   Facilitate the Charitable Champions program by interfacing with key partners to the program.

-  Strive for effective meeting management through training and planning.

- Attend, and be prepared for all HANDS meetings (typically once a month, September-May.)

-  Attend retreats and other training opportunities with HANDS members that will strengthen their skills in leadership and philanthropy.

-  Provide orientation for new HANDS members and their parents.                                        

Send resume to: CFWC 400 N. Whitley St., Columbia City, IN 46725 or e-mail to [email protected]